Seasonal Cleaning

Other than our regularly scheduled house cleaning service, seasonal cleaning is our most popular service. Most people don’t enjoy spending a weekend or 2 doing that spring clean. Let us do it for you. We’ll give your house a deep clean and let you take it from there. Here is what you’ll get…

All Rooms

  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Sweep & Mop Floors
  • Remove Trash
  • Dust All Furniture, lamps, knick-knacks, shelves, windowsills, ceiling fans, woodwork, baseboards, televisions and misc. items
  • Polish All Furniture
  • Sanitize Light Switches
  • Clean Fireplace Mantle


  • Scrub & Sanitize Sinks, countertops and backsplashes
  • Clean outside of cabinets
  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Clean All Surfaces
  • Clean Oven – inside and out
  • Clean Range Top/Stove
  • Clean Microwave – inside and out
  • Clean Outside of all other Appliances
  • Clean Refrigerator and Freezer – inside and out (removing and replacing contents)
  • Polish all Chrome
  • Place Dishes In Dishwasher


  • Make All Beds
  • Change Linens
  • Clean and Sanitize Headboard
  • Vacuum Carpets Or Sweep And Mop Floors
  • Dust All Surfaces


  • Scrub & Disinfect Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks & Counters
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean outside of cabinets
  • Polish Chrome

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