Cleaning Service

House Cleaning-Regularly Scheduled

We know as much as anyone does the amount of work it takes to keep a house clean. If you are too busy or just aren’t around enough to keep up with the never-ending cleaning list, leave it to us. We will cater to your needs. Some folks hire us weekly, while some only need us to come once a month. Don’t worry, we’ll cover you.

Seasonal Cleaning

There is nothing worse than wanting to get out and enjoy that wonderful spring weather after 6 (or more) months of that Minnesota winter, only to be stuck inside cleaning the den out. We would be glad to come in a couple times a year and give your house a fresh start.

Move In-Move Out Cleaning

Is there anything you hate more than moving? I bet I can think of one thing? Having to clean your house after you move out or even clean that new house that someone failed to clean before they moved out.

Post Construction Cleaning

The worst part about doing a remodeling job is cleaning up what the construction crew left behind. With our flexible scheduling we can come over the day they move out and we’ll have your house clean before you get home from work.

Home Sale Preparation Cleaning

While you are working on staging your house, why not let us take care of the deep cleaning? We’ll get to some of the places you never knew needed cleaning.

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